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Five Musicians Who Should Play Saturday Night Live

by Rob Slater on August 08, 2014

As Saturday Night Live enters its 40th season, it is no secret that the show is in a desperate state. Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg are all gone, leaving a rookie cast that is struggling to find itself. One area where they can certainly make up ground is in the musical guest department. Last year, they did okay, trotting out Arcade Fire, HAIM, Kings of Leon, Justin Timberlake, Beck, The National, Imagine Dragons and more. And this fall will see a host of stellar acts hitting the press circuit.

Yesterday, SNL took to Twitter to ask you, the fans, who you want to hear play the show. Well, we have some suggestions. Take a look.

5. Ryan Adams

Might be a stretch, since Adams' new record is due out September 9 (SNL premieres on September 27), but the singer/songwriter would be a wonderful musical guest and asset during the show. Maybe the writers can come up with a skit that involves him and Bobby Moynihan playing pinball as "Drunk Uncle." That'd be a winner. Let's make it happen.

4. Julian Casablancas

Because SNL needs more "Boombox" with The Lonely Island. Casablancas, along with his solo group "The Voidz," will release their debut album on September 23. What better way to promote the record than to reunite with The Lonely Island crew and play some tunes?

3. Smashing Pumpkins

With not one but two albums coming from The Smashing Pumpkins in 2015, Billy Corgan would be an excellent addition to the cast on a Saturday night. Not only did he take part in this incredible magazine cover, but also routinely kills it on Twitter. Let us also never forget that time he took out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune in an attempt to reunite the Pumpkins. Or that time he held a contest where the winner's prize was to buy him lunch. Yes, let's get Corgan in front of a national audience, please.

2. My Morning Jacket

While nothing is confirmed yet, it appears as if the Jacket is on the verge of delivering some new music--unless Jim James is just screwing with us. Nevertheless, the Kentucky rockers would be a lovely change-up from the usual pop-star-flavor-of-the-week SNL has trotted out in recent years. With their shaggy, rock star appearance, maybe the writers will crack some jokes about them much like they did when Arcade Fire appeared as musical guest.

1. Foo Fighters

The next 18 months seem like they're bound to be dominated by the Foo Fighters, as Grohl and Co. are readying their new album for a November release that will be accompanied by an HBO series chronicling the making of the album. Grohl is no stranger to the comedic spotlight (hell, I said he should take over for Letterman) and could even legitimately join the likes of Mick Jagger, Elton John and Justin Timberlake as musicians to host the show and serve as the musical guest. The band, as we know, is one of the finest collection of rockers alive at the moment and will have no problem dominating the stage.

As always, we ask--What say you?



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