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Father John Misty and Wavves Have Some Thoughts on Kanye West’s New Album Title

by Rob Slater on January 27, 2016
Full-time haiku tweeter and part-time musician Josh Tillman, known in his spare time as Father John Misty, is fucking pissed at Kanye West. Not for some of the more phony reasons, like that time he was a little tardy at Bonnaroo, but for a real, serious reason that deserves your attention.

Here's how the tale goes: Kanye West is releasing an album at some point in the next few weeks. He initially called it So Help Me God (don't ask), then it was called Swish, referencing his wife Kim Kardashian (seriously, don't ask). Well, last night Yeezus decided he was changing it once again, this time to Waves. This looks like the final title, if you care about that sort of thing. Father John Misty cares, and he's about fucking had it with Waves

Check out some of his tweets of desperation below. This sounds like a broken man. If you see Josh Tillman in your local neighborhood today, give him a hug. This man is hurting. 

In a more comedic turn of events, Nathan Williams, also known as Wavves, had a funny response to Yeezy's new album title. Well played, Nate. 


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