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Eddie Vedder Talks Seattle Sonics in Oklahoma City

by Rob Slater on November 19, 2013

The relationship between Seattle and Oklahoma City on a basketball front is contentious at best. In 2008, the Sonics left Seattle under suspicious circumstances following their purchase by OKC businessman Clay Bennett. Seattle has since watched the team constructed for them change their name to the Thunder and become one of the best in the league, competing for a championship every year and even making the Finals in 2012, only to lose to the Miami Heat in five games.

All of this made Pearl Jam's recent show in Oklahoma City (in the arena that houses the Thunder) all the more interesting, as the Seattle natives were sure to mention the hostile relationship between the two cities. Frontman Eddie Vedder started the evening off with some classic snark, referencing the retired Sonics jerseys in the rafters as a slap in the face from the new city. See, not only did Oklahoma City take the Sonics--they also took their history. Insult to injury for so many longtime Sonics fans.

Dawning a Seattle Sonics Kevin Durant jersey (Durant now plays for the Thunder), bassist Jeff Ament didn't have much to say, but got a mixed response for his wardrobe choice. Vedder eased the crowd later in the show with this speech before the aptly titled "Supersonic," which you can see below.

And here is PJ bassist Jeff Ament, lifelong basketball fan, talking about his connection with the Sonics as a part of SonicsGate, a film made to highlight the alleged missteps by the Oklahoma City purchasing firm. Ament discusses going to a Sonics game at Seattle's Kingdome against the Bulls (lead singer Eddie Vedder's childhood team) as well as his favorite sporting event he attended--the seventh game of the 1996 Western Conference Finals where the Sonics beat the Jazz to advance to the Finals.



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