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DMB Fans Will Be Very Interested in Stefan Lessard’s Latest Twitter Spree

March 16, 2017

With Dave Matthews Band off the road for the first time in 25+ years, it's understandable for their fans to get a little itchy come Spring/early Summer. That itch got a little more urgent when Stefan Lessard went on a little Twitter spree this afternoon. 

It all started with a joke photo of the empty seats of Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center, a summer mainstay for DMB. "Notice the empty seats," Lessard joked. Some called him out for stirring up drama, others thought he was announcing a last-minute tour date much to their disappointment. 

Lessard eased the masses and went on to deliver a rather interesting look into his thoughts on the band's decision to take the year off. "A band that remains active is a band that creates unlimited creativity in all areas," he wrote. "Remaining active does not mean burning out though." Another tweet added that the bassist enjoys making albums, deeming them "as important" as the live show. "No matter how they are delivered to the listener/consumer. Dropping two at once would be fun." 

This is surely to raise the eyebrow of DMB fans everywhere as not much has been revealed about just why the band decided to take a year off and what the respective bandmates think of such a decision. 


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