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Relix Magazine October_November Sampler: "Heartbeat" | Aliya Cycon Project
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Dead & Company Took a Night Off So LeBron James Could Once Again Snatch the Soul Out of the New York Knicks

November 14, 2017

A lot of us probably had the same reaction upon the reveal of the Dead & Company fall tour dates: What gives with the open date between Madison Square Garden shows?

It makes a bit of sense, considering the arena is busy this time of year with both the New York Rangers and Knicks in season. But what we didn't know was that the gap day had plans to set the bar high for the remainder of the week. 

LeBron James strolled into town and delivered one of the most riveting basketball games of the year as he kept The Garden warm for John Mayer, Bob Weir and the gang. It had all the makings of the villain strolling into the big city and establishing his dominance.

James spent his night bullying new rookie Frank Ntilikina and almost fighting with Enes Kanter all the while losing big to the resurgent Knicks. None of that mattered in the end, though, because James decided their soul was his for the taking and like the world destroyer he is, nobody in New York could do a damn thing about it. 

A few dagger jumpers in the eye of Knicks savior Kristaps Porzingis was all that was necessary to cap a 43-point fourth quarter and make the 17-point lead ancient history. It also completed a rollercoaster of emotions that can only be felt when James enters the hostile confines of Madison Square Garden. 

Dead & Company returns tonight to follow up one of the more eventful setbreaks in music history.