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Davie Bowie Adds Daft Punk to Heroes Cover

by Rob Slater on April 26, 2014

David Bowie recreated the iconic cover to his Heroes album, except this time decked out in Daft Punk garb. As a part of his tribute to Columbia Records chairman Rob Stringer, who was honored with the Strat Award at London's Music Week Awards on April 24, Bowie posted the picture along with a message (below) to Stringer. Along with Heores, Bowie recently tweaked the same cover for his recent The Next Day album.

In the lengthy message, Bowie recounts a story about meeting Stringer for the first time in New York. He knocked on his door, only for Stringer to answer wearing one of the Daft Punk helmets. Regardless, let's just hope this is the start of some sort of collaboration. Let's call it Daft Bowie.

“Now hear this Rob Stringer...”
The Music Week Awards 2014 ( took place in London tonight (Thursday 24th) - Columbia US chairman Rob Stringer picked up the prestigious Strat Award at the ceremony, and was congratulated by artists and executives from across the industry, including David Bowie who sent the following message.
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When I first knocked on the door of his office at Sony, New York, you can imagine my surprise when a member of Daft Punk opened it. In silence he brought me in and indicated that I should take a seat on the comfy armchair to the right of the chairman’s desk, around which he moved and took his place in the chairman’s chair.
He removed the shiny helmet.
It was Rob.
‘This,' he said ‘is how far I will go for my artists.’ I found out that during the course of that day Rob had not only guested as an executive third Daft Punk member at a lunchtime gig at a club in Manhattan, but had also led a Dylanology symposium at Barneys clothing store, sung falsetto on a new London Grammar track and choreographed a touching interpretive dance number to One Direction’s ‘They Don't Know About Us’ for the cast of Glee.
Knowing him for the man he is, it came as no surprise that he had won tonight's most prestigious award, The Strat.
If you become the object of his enthusiasm an artist will find a genuine long-term support that is sadly missing in the recording industry.
When he asked me if I minded if he took a few Saturdays off from his duties as percussionist on my new album this year in order to catch the Luton Town football club fixtures, how could I refuse? It’s the least I could offer to the man who with his own hands pulled my album to number one throughout the world.
Congrats for The Strat, Rob. You’re a star.
David Bowie 2014
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