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Chris Bosh Played Guitar with Buddy Guy Last Night, Continues to be Coolest Person Alive

by Rob Slater on January 09, 2017

via @chrisbosh

Former Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh's NBA career sadly may be over due to a blood clot issue that makes it dangerous for him to resume his playing career, but that isn't stopping him from living the fullest life imaginable. More than just a basketball talent, Bosh has spent much of the last couple of years teaching himself how to play guitar, which he details at length with SLAM Magazine.

"I started playing because of my situation," Bosh said. "I always thought the guitar was cool. So I said, If I pick it up and don’t put it down, I can learn how to play the guitar.” The two-time champion and Olympic gold medalist also noted the likes of Freddie King, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many other bluesmen as influences, as well as rockers like Jimmy Page and Hendrix.

His love for the blues (he also noted his wife, Adrienne, turned him on to grunge acts of the 90s like Nirvana as well as Nine Inch Nails) certainly helped him out last night when he stepped on stage with one of the blues legends, Buddy Guy, during his residency in Chicago. Bosh's playing days may be over, but his music days are certainly beginning as one of the sport's most fascinating subjects starts a new chapter in his life. 

And here's a short clip of their time on stage together. 

And more via TMZ.

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