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Bill Walton on ESPNU: “I like to get high”

January 10, 2017

For some reason, ESPNU thought it'd be a good idea to throw a bunch of people in a room and have them watch/not watch the thrilling National Championship game between Clemson and Alabama, ending with a last second touchdown that dethroned Nick Saban and the Tide. 

All of those people in a room proved to be no different than sitting in your local sports bar listening to people have unrelated conversation while you tried to watch the game, but the guiding light of the entire thing was certainly Bill Walton, who spent most of his time conversing with Keyshawn Johnson about the name of the stadium and other arbitrary questions. 

One of Walton's tangents included his thoughts on the decriminalization of marijuana including the below "I like to get high" as he threw around a football with Keyshawn. 

Walton also gave his thoughts on the decriminalization of marijuana (all while appropriately dressed as Uncle Sam), saying, "All the people who have been in trouble for it for all these years--Obama just blanket amnesty and let's move on to the future." Walton was then showered with applause while Jay Bilas had a "why did I sign up for this" moment. 
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