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Bill Walton Called a NBA Game in a Tie-Dye Shirt and It Was Wonderful

February 16, 2017

via Awful Announcing

For a reason I will never question, ESPN decided it was a good idea to send college basketball announcers to call an NBA game and vice versa, landing Bill Walton and Dick Vitale in Cleveland for LeBron's Cavs against the Indiana Pacers. Along for the ride only in spirit and certainly not in voice was lead play-by-play man Dave Pasch who just ended up playing the role of fed up moderator as Walton and Vitale yammered on about every topic under the sun. 

Of course, Walton (who sported a tie-dye Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shirt) mixed in his ode to the Grateful Dead throughout ("Wave that flag, LeBron") and gabbed with Vitale about nearly everything from trading Carmelo Anthony, drinking with Digger Phelps and doing everything to make Dave Pasch reconsider his time on this planet. 

The apex of the evening may have been a conversation about Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show and both men were clearly thrilled with the final product. What a time to be alive.