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Benjamin Booker on Ryan Adams’ Alt-J Comments: “This motherf*ker better hope I don’t see him out there”

July 10, 2017

Ryan Adams' comments on Alt-J during his set at NOS Alive in Lisbon spawned a reaction from Benjamin Booker, who took to Facebook for a now-deleted rant against Adams. 

"Three words. FUCK. RYAN. ADAMS," Booker said after a rant that included him mentioning that Adams shut down his stage at NOS Alive, not allowing Booker to prepare for his set. He also mentioned the struggle of the crew, tearing down "three fucking stuffed animal tigers, a wall of fake amps, a third grade diagram and other bullshit (overcompensating)." He also attributed Adams' elaborate setup to a power outage at the festival. 

"If you see me playing a festival with This motherfucker better hope I don't see him out there," the note closed. 

Read the full post below.