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New Orleans Jazz Fest Launches Archival Database of Past Performers

April 27, 2017

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival kicks off this weekend, and organizers of the iconic celebration have launched a new online archival database that includes searchable show listings from every single Jazz Fest to date, going back all the way to 1970.

The simple yet fascinating database chronicles the artist, date, venue/stage and time of day of every performance, with some added notes on band lineups and more. From 1970’s lineup featuring plenty of jazz bands, blues great and iconic outfits like The Meters to 2016’s eclectic modern lineup (including the memorable sit in of members of The Meters with Red Hot Chili Peppers), the archive is an endlessly interesting deep dig into the history of the festival, although it only appears to cover official Jazz Fest gigs, leaving out the innumerable after-parties and superjams that make the fest an all-day/all-night celebration.

Typing in a name like “Dr. John” or “George Porter Jr.” will yield multiple pages of entries, while typing in a rarer Jazz Fest face like “Phish” will show their two appearances at the fest, the first coming on April 26, 1996 on the WWL/Ray-Ban Stage at 3:15 in the afternoon.

Check out the Jazz Fest Database here.

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