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Alton Brown is a Grateful Dead Fan: Volume II (For Real This Time)

by Rob Slater on March 28, 2017

Yesterday we told you about TV personality and Food Network star Alton Brown and his Grateful Dead fandom. In the now-deleted story, I sourced an old blog that appeared to be the work of Brown where he told elaborate tales of his time on the road with the Grateful Dead, mused on cooking, the Atlanta Falcons (Brown grew up in Georgia and attended UGA) and music (Brown also incorporates music into his Eat Your Science show). It certainly appeared to quack like a duck and look like a duck, but in this case it was a cow. 

While I'm not about misleading anyone, let's revisit the original point: Alton Brown is, in fact, a fan of (or at the very least knowledgeable about) the Grateful Dead, and we'll show it to you from the horse's mouth. 

In a video posted prior to his Eat Your Science at The Warfield in San Francisco, Brown flashes some Dead knowledge as he references the history of the venue, noting the band's long-standing relationship with the famous theatre as well as their 15-night run at the venue in 1980, just one year after Brown graduated high school. 

Watch below. 
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