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Album Premiere: Current Swell Ulysses

April 28, 2014

The new studio album from Victoria, B.C.’s Current Swell is set for release on May 6. Nathan Sabatino (Dr. Dog, Neko Case, Giant Stand) produced Ulysses at Vancouver’s iconic Greenhouse Studios. "With every album we make we always try to push ourselves to try something new," Current Swell vocalist/guitarist Scott Stanton tells Relix. "It was nice to be able to have more time on this record to experiment with other instruments and ideas and play with new sounds, reverbs and tones that we haven't used on previous records. Nathan helped with that on the production side. When it came time to doing the playing and tracking we didn't over think it…just focused on being live in the studio and , and making sure everything recorded could be recreated live, get the energy of the songs into the live show." Today, we premiere the album, the group's second release for Nettwerk Records.


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