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Relix Magazine October_November Sampler: "Heartbeat" | Aliya Cycon Project
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A Drummer Soundtracking the Famed “Pepe Silvia” Scene from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ is Incredible

March 17, 2017

Drummer David Dockery spliced together a live soundtrack of one of the greatest and most memorable scenes in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it's one of the cooler things you'll see today. 

While Charlie is struggling with his illiteracy working in a mailroom, he gets wrapped up in his own conspiracy theory that "Pepe Silvia" (really just mail sent to Pennsylvania) and "Carol from HR" (really just "Care of HR") were taking advantage of the Philadelphia mail system. Nervously puffing on a cigarette, he walks Mac through a serial killer-like tracing of the fake scam. 

Watch below.