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30 For 30: Phish Through the Years (Part One)

by Rob Slater on December 02, 2013

As Phish turns the ripe old age of thirty today, we here at Relix are taking a few brief moments to reflect on the extensive body of work produced by the Vermont quartet over the years. Thanks to the beauty of YouTube, reliving and experiencing new Phish moments is as possible as ever. That said, here are select videos from each year of Phish's existence, with everything ranging from the band's first ever performance in 1983 to the addition of Page McConnell and even an unfortunately high quality video of Trey going shirtless at Halloween '89.

This will serve as the first of two parts, covering the years of 1983-1993. Other highlights include the full set from the famous Amy's Farm show (featuring Fish's nearly incoherent political rant) as well as the first known Gamehendge set in March of '88. Stay tuned for part two later on today, and be sure to check out some of our other Phish features throughout the day.

December 2, 1983: Do You Guys Know Any Slow Dance Songs?

December 1, 1984: "Fluffhead" Lives

November 23, 1985: Page Lends a Hand

October 15, 1986: The Core Takes Shape

May 20, 1987: Phish Plays The Ranch

March 12, 1988: Gamehendge is Born

October 31, 1989: Phish Goes Shirtless

November 2, 1990: Medley "Bowie"

August 3, 1991: Amy's Farm

August 29, 1992: Phish Tours with Santana

February 25, 1993: Mimi Fishman Joins the Band



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