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Video: Dave Matthews Band Unveil New Acoustic Set

by Rob Slater on May 20, 2014

Two shows into their summer tour, Dave Matthews Band is already making waves with their new acoustic/electric format. While they had the electric side down for the better part of twenty years, the full band acoustic arena was something they hadn't dabbled in for a while. Needless to say, they're off to a stellar start.

If the "Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd" bustout didn't satisfy you, there was always the Dave and Carter "Recently" and many other performances featuring partial arrangements--some being played that way for the first time. Toying with lineups, arrangements and jams, the band sounds as fresh as they ever have in the first half of the show.

Check out a few highlights from the opening two shows of the tour below. DMB will hit the stage next in Tulsa, OK tomorrow night for their first arena show of the tour.


This is just wonderful and a perfect embodiment of what the acoustic set is about this year. Now if we can only get a Dave and Carter version of "Halloween" to rekindle the glorious rendition on 12/4/2000.

"Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd"

Not played since 2008, "Stolen Away" seems to have found a home in the acoustic portion of the show. While the Stand Up cut isn't a fan favorite, the acoustic setting really brought out its best qualities, which is why fans have taken to the tune so far this year.

If I was a betting man, I'd put money on "Old Dirt Hill," "Spaceman" and potentially "Dreamgirl" to show up in acoustic sets and win fans over.

"Lie in Our Graves"

Who would've thought that after twenty years, "Lie in Our Graves" would somehow manage to sound fresh? Still one of the band's most versatile (and oldest) tunes, the Crash cut celebrates its 22nd year in existence with a revival. This version with Dave, Tim, Carter and Boyd feels like a glimpse into the early workings of the song in 1992.

"Tripping Billies"

While they could easily play the song in the electric portion of the show, a full-band acoustic "Tripping Billies" certainly works too. Another change of pace arrangement pulled off to perfection as the song maintained all of the necessary Boyd Tinsley theatrics that make "Billies" the monster it is today.

"Two Step"

"Two Step" is great in any form. You could yodel the song and it would find a way to move 20,000 people. "Two Step" full band acoustic is a keeper. Those who live for the booming Carter drum solo will be disappointed, but this version rocks almost as much as its electric counterpart.


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