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UMBowl V Preview: Best of the All Request Quarter

by Rob Slater on April 29, 2014

UMBowl week is finally here. On Saturday, Umphrey's McGee will bring UMBowl to New York as they take the stage at Port Chester's Capitol Theatre, marking the third venue in the event's five year history. Throughout the week, we'll be bringing you all the UMBowl prep you need including content (such as the following) as well as interviews with various UM folk about the launch of their new label Nothing Too Fancy Music.

For now, take a look at some of the best of the All Request Quarter which, over the years, produced some of the band's biggest bustouts, debuts and cover moments in their history. Feel free to chime in with your favorite All Request moment that happened (or didn't happen) at an UMBowl you attended or watched via webcast.

The Weight Around

The power of the vote has never been displayed as prominently as it was during the first UMBowl, when the band dug into one of its elusive originals, "The Weight Around" for the first time. Aside from "Rocker," the fellow Safety in Numbers masterpiece serves as the band's most emotional ballad. Needless to say, this performance put UMBowl on the map as a can't-miss for hardcore UM fans.

Forty Six & Two

After months of Twitter requests, Tool's heavy rocker "46 & 2" finally made it onto the ballot for All Request 2012. A clearly popular choice (the only higher vote-getter was "Help On the Way" > "Slipknot!") the band dialed up the focus for this intricate rock piece. Kris Myers pulled off one of the most impressive feats in musical history, singing and drumming along to a very atypical arrangement.


Pearl Jam proves night in and night out that rock and rollers have the most fun. One of the cornerstones for that mentality is "Porch." To properly cover a song that is bursting with energy like this, you must match it. And UM is the perfect band to harness that energy and adequately translate it onto the recording. The only thing that was missing was Bayliss swinging from the rafters.

No Diablo

"No Diablo" was originally listed on the ballot in 2013 as "Brendan original for Jake's son" and needless to say, this one was a worthy slot. Little Cinninger is a lucky kid. Sometimes voting for the unknown at UMBowl is when you have the most fun, as uncovering a gem in the making truly keeps with the spirit of the event. It isn't just about the rarities or big jams but rather offering the band a platform to get up there, try something completely new and risk falling on their face. The moments where they fly are the most rewarding for the fans. On "No Diablo," they flew all the way to the top of the Sears Tower as the tune made the cut onto their forthcoming album Similar Skin.

Cantina Band

Umphrey's. Cantina Band. Star Wars. No-brainer.


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