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Twitter Turns Eight: Best First Tweets From Musicians

March 20, 2014

Eight years ago today, Twitter was founded and the internet world changed forever. From a journalistic standpoint, the game had been flipped on its head. To celebrate, Twitter launched the First Tweet website where you can look up the first tweet ever sent by a specific account. With that, we dug up some of the best first tweets from musicians to share with you.

Ah, the days when we had no idea how to form the past tense of "tweet." Simpler times...

Can't tell if sleeping or tweeting.....

Prince's Twitter. Still no confirmation if it's real or not. But a normal person doesn't say "follow me in the purple afterglow."

Easily the go-to opener tweet. Sort of like a Twitter soundcheck.

One of Twitter's most active members, UM bassist Ryan Stasik made his triumphant Twitter debut in 2009 (when it officially got cool) by declaring himself as The Reverend.

The Decemberists' Colin Meloy is still in Facebook mode. It's okay, we all were for the first week or so.


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