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This Week in GIFs: The Roots Freefall, Jack White Rocks Roo, DMB, Umphrey’s and More

by Rob Slater on June 20, 2014

You'll never be able to unsee some of these GIFs. That's how good they are this week. Here we have a collection of some of the finest in video from the past week and beyond as The Roots visited Islands of Adventure to ride Dr. Doom's Fearfall, Jack White destroyed Bonnaroo, DMB rocked a "Jimi Thing" and Umphrey's had some fun at Mountain Jam.

Happy Friday.

The Roots rode Dr. Doom's Fearfall at Islands of Adventure. The drop measures in at 185 feet which apparently scares the shit out of Captain Kirk Douglas.

Frankie Knuckles, though? Party time.

In conclusion....

Jack White ripped Bonnaroo a new one with one of the best headlining sets in the festival's thirteen years. This about says it all.

As does this.

The King of Rock claims his throne.

And then drops the mic.

Dave Matthews Band is in the midst of their latest summer tour, but here is Boyd Tinsley getting down to some "Jimi Thing."

Dave enjoyed it. Or he wants to stab him with his guitar. Who knows.

Umphrey's McGee's Mountain Jam set went so well Kris Myers broke into his Robert De Niro impression midset.

"OH FUCK YEAH" -Brendan H. Bayliss M.D. Esq.


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