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This Week in GIFs: Phish, Phish and More Phish

by Rob Slater on June 27, 2014

We are flying into the weekend with this lovely collection of GIFs. We're all about Phish this week, as their summer tour kicks off in just a few days (July 1 for those of you scoring at home). In addition to highlights from Phish's Letterman celebration, you can also find great footage of moe. launching drones at their show and Paul McCartney reasserting himself as the coolest man alive.

moe. is now using DRONES at their shows now. This is terrifyingly awesome.

Paul McCartney is alive and well and still able to play left-handed air guitar.

And still cooler than every single one of us.

Page, like Gob Bluth, makes a living with his hands and wants no part of your high fives.

Trey Face in full effect at Live on Letterman!

Page got past the whole high-five thing and really enjoyed himself.

And our own Online Video Manager even raged "Carini" at the exclusive show.


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