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This Week in GIFs: OutKast Return, Aaron Paul Jams with Arcade Fire, Will Butler is a Crazy Person

by Rob Slater on April 18, 2014

GUESS. WHAT. DAY. IT. IS. That's right, Friday, which means it's GIF time. This week, much like last week, we have a veritable cornucopia of GIFs for you including all of the goodness from Coachella (until they raided YouTube, of course) including the lovely (and subsequently awkward) return of OutKast, Will Butler being a lovable maniac on stage, Josh Homme on Portlandia, Nine Inch Nails in Australia and Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Stevie Nicks rocking with Jimmy Fallon. Whew. That was a lot. Go ahead and dig in below and, as always, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Friday.

OutKast finally graced the stage at Coachella. After a decade without them, they were (are) back. Things were going so well to start....

Dancing and smiling! Finally!

Big Boi even brought out a polar bear with a chain and it was the best

Then, Andre had some fun with the lackadaisical crowd and things went downhill quickly

You get to hear "Hey Ya!" Coachella, but Andre will not look at you and do it. Awkward.

Speaking of Coachella, Arcade Fire closed out the first weekend. Oh, and WILL BUTLER LOST HIS MIND ON THIS DRUM.

And here he is creeping on his brother during "Rebellion (Lies)"

The night wasn't all crazy though. Debbie Harry showed up to do "Heart of Glass" towards the end of the set.

Aaron Paul donned Pope Francis' paper mache head. That's him next to Obama, I think....

Oh, and they finished up the show in the crowd with Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Someone had a Steve Buscemi cutout. That is all.

Josh Homme stopped by Portlandia as Carrie Brownstein's gay brother. Homme is 6'4" and Brownstein is 5'5" making a hug a heightened adventure for Carrie.

Homme disapproves.

Jimmy Fallon and Stevie Nicks performed on The Tonight Show with an introduction from Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. Look at the synchronicity.

A nearly spot-on recreation of the "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" video. Even Stevie flashbacked to the '80s!

Nine Inch Nails performed "March of the Pigs" in Melbourne and the on-stage camera caught Reznor in a full mic-swing.

Weird Reznor clap for making it to Friday, folks.


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