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This Week in GIFs: John Oates, Mike Gordon, Umphrey’s McGee, Nine Inch Nails and More

April 11, 2014

We have a plethora of GIFs for you on this beautiful Friday. A smorgesboard, if you will. You can skip whatever your next meal is after soaking in all these GIFs because you will be totally full after this GIF adventure. Anyway, go ahead and enhance your Friday by digging into some of our favorite moments from the week including Bruce Springsteen in Dallas for the Final Four, John Oates on Fallon and Mike Gordon and Josh Homme acting a fool(s) in their latest videos. My advice for navigating these GIFs? To quote a brilliant, now deceased man: Tread. Lightly.

Bruce Springsteen played Dallas during Final Four weekend. And someone gave him a basketball.

You figure out why Bruce seems surprised the ball made it back to him. I got nothing.

Nils and Bruce jump it up to start the show.


You can never unsee this.

Tripping on honey at Dick's Sporting Goods is never a good idea.

"And that kids, is how I met your mother..."

Josh Homme is a badass in his new video for "Smooth Sailing."

And so is this dude, whoever he is.

Nine Inch Nails performed at ACL, and Trent Reznor went outside his mind for a second...

John Oates: Philadelphia Man. Hall of Famer.

The Roots approve!

Jefferson Waful's latest "Purple & Yellow."

"Blue Echo" jams make Stasik itchy.


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