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September Relix Magazine Sampler: "Sheep" - Buddha Council
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This Week in GIFs: Jimmy Fallon Does the Robot, Emma Stone Sings Blues Traveler, Arcade Fire and More

by Rob Slater on May 02, 2014

Friday. Friday. Friday. That means GIFs are here once again. This week features the most eclectic mix of acts, most of which stemmed from The Tonight Show who knocked it out of the park once again in the music department. David Byrne kicked off the week with his Atomic Band as they played tribute to William Onyeabor while Emma Stone lip-synch'd "Hook" and Arcade Fire let us in on their current revolutionary tour in support of their Reflektor album.

David Byrne and the Atomic Bomb graced the stage on The Tonight Show. Yes, you, David.

Arcade Fire lifted the curtain on their latest Reflektor Tour and Richard Reed Parry was excited

Win Butler is the king of confetti

Emma Stone kicked off the week by lip-synching Blues Traveler's "Hook" much to the surprise of Jimmy Fallon

When the opponent admits defeat....

Best part about this one is the polite Roots golf clap

Although JF's "Mr. Roboto" big finish was worthy as well


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