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This Week in GIFs: The Roots, Kanye, The National, The War On Drugs and More

by Rob Slater on March 07, 2014

Last week in the inaugural This Week in GIFs post, we highlighted a great week of live music, collaborations and late night television performances with the likes of Kings of Leon, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen. This week, we have another eclectic group of gifs, drawing from The Roots' Q&A with fans where they do quite a bit of laughing, The Hold Steady playing Seth Meyers, The War On Drugs, The National and Kanye West, among others. Laugh, cry, share--whatever you do, make sure you enjoy your Friday, and remember to say a prayer for Knicks Kid.

The Roots like to laugh

Except for James........or not

Quest(ion Mark) Love

Jake Cinninger, Ryan Stasik and Jimmy Chamberlin

The War On Drugs is not impressed in their new "Red Eyes" video

Kanye brings the pyro in the "Yeezus" movie

Look into Craig Finn's eyes. Do it. Do it now.

Listen up, Brooklyn. Lena Dunham is tickling The National.

The GIF of the week has very little to do with music, except maybe "Highway to Hell," which describes the current Knicks season perfectly, and Knicks Kid has had ENOUGH.


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