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Foo Fighters’ New Album As Told Through Photos

by Rob Slater on May 01, 2014

As it appears, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are in the process of recording their follow up to 2011's Wasting Light by recording in various locations. They've been spotted in Nashville, Chicago, Joshua Tree, CA and more at different studios. Dave Grohl promised that the band would do something no one has ever done, and this appears to be it.

Thanks to social media, their cover has been blown on several occasions as you'll see below. However they've also been keeping fans updated on the recording process with a series of Facebook posts.

Yes, those are 3D glasses....

The band was spotted hanging out in Chicago....

Dave spent a day as the new customer service rep at United Record Pressing in Nashville (the same company who handled the band's last release Wasting Light)

Outside Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, VA

Rami Jaffee (touring keyboardist with the band) laying down some tracks

And it appears they may be doing this all again with Butch Vig at the helm as producer...

The band messed around with some guns at Rancho De La Luna

Grohl had a lot of fun

As for official word, we'll have to wait on that, but it appears the Foos are prepping the release of something huge that comes with 3D glasses. Stay tuned.


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