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Five Musicians to Succeed David Letterman

by Rob Slater on April 08, 2014

Last week, late night television legend David Letterman shocked us when he announced his retirement from the hosting desk after 32 years as captain of Late Show. With everyone speculating who will take the reigns of the CBS late night slot, we thought we'd throw some names into the hat in the form of some of the most charismatic and camera-ready musicians. If Colbert, Chelsea Handler or Ellen plan on winning that desk, they'll have to pry it from these rock stars' cold, dead hands.

Dave Grohl

Starting with his goofy music videos with Foo Fighters (I mean, people threw Mentos at the band for years after "Big Me"), Grohl's camera presence (he recently hosted several episodes of Chelsea Lately) and creativity on screen would be a great addition to the late night television circuit. Think of the guests he would be able to wrangle both on and off the performance stage. If Jimmy Fallon and his crew changed the late night music game, Grohl would do a victory lap around it. Just make sure to have that seven second delay ready to go, CBS.

Jeff Tweedy

Few are better at handling hecklers or obnoxious crowd members, and with the Wilco frontman's recent foray into acting (the above Portlandia and forthcoming Parks and Recreation) he emerges as a would-be top pick to replace the late night legend. The monologues would be drier than an Albuquerque summer day, but Tweedy's dead-pan delivery would surely win over audiences almost as quickly as his music does.

Mike Gordon

Gordon has the hair of a young Conan O'Brien at the moment, so why not just go full-Coco and host the show? As you can see above, he possesses equal parts knowledge of his guests and the personal stories to fill dead air and keep things interesting. And lest we forget his bizarre tour announcement videos. I don't think anyone would change the channel to Big Bang Theory reruns if Gordon was interviewing Tom Hanks about his new movie, or comparing scarves with longtime Bonnaroo patron, Drew Barrymore.

Marc Brownstein

A Brownie-led late night show would not be confined to the hour-long window, because few can talk quite like The Disco Biscuits bassist. But, let's be honest, this would be the most captivating, must-see, slam dunk choice to replace Letterman. First of all, Brownstein has a distinct voice and tone that would draw people in, and his humor could hold the audience's attention throughout the show. A Marc Brownstein monologue in a flat brim and jeans? Sign me up.

Ryan Stasik

I imagine whatever late night show Ryan Stasik hosts would be him sitting in a hot tub with his guests, much like the video above. If Seinfeld can have "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" then Stasik can have "Bassists in Hot Tubs." One of the most charismatic members of an already charismatic group, Stasik closes out this list with a strong case to be the next face of late night. He is quite adept at educating the audience, can entertain the people with one of his many talents and isn't afraid to don a slightly embarrassing costume. Stasik's case gets even stronger if he can somehow recruit his bandmates to serve as house band/side kick a la Paul Shaffer.

Know of another musician that would rock the late night hosting gig? Let us know in the comments, as always.


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