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Exposed: Susana Millman Brings the Dead to Life

February 14, 2017
In Alive With the Dead, photographer Susana Millman shares her unique perspective on the Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia introduced the photographer to her future husband, Dead publicist—and later biographer—Dennis McNally, so she was on hand to capture the band members and their extended families in a variety of intimate settings. Millman collects many of these images in her new book, which sold out of its first printing, but is now available here.

On Sept. 29, 1985, I married Dennis McNally, and Jerry walked me down the aisle at the Oasis Club in San Francisco. He’d been our matchmaker and my father was long gone, so I asked. There was a covered swimming pool there, and I told him he could walk on water.

Bobby and Bonnie Raitt during an interview about the Forever Green environmental benefit, Chez Weir, 1997.

The “Hell in a Bucket” video shoot, New George’s Bar, San Rafael, Calif., September 1987.

Mickey adjusts headphones for the monitor system at a performance by the Gyuto Monks at his home, 1991.

Jerry and David Grisman at Dawg’s house, Mill Valley, Calif.—it was shot for the Not for Kids Only back cover.

The band reacts in unison to an incredibly dumb question during their 20th anniversary press conference, Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Calif., June 14, 1985.

Merl Saunders, post-stroke, gets up to dance with Carolyn “M.G.” Garcia at his 70th birthday party—a truly sweet moment.

Bobby toasts his bride Natascha, as only Bobby could, complete with a quote from Smokey Robinson: “You better shop around” (and he did), Mill Valley, Calif., 1999.
Jerry and Bobby sign baseballs before singing the national anthem for the San Francisco Giants’ Opening Day at Candlestick Park, April 12, 1993.

Jerry singing “Gloria” during an encore—maybe my favorite shot of him ever, Jan. 26, 1993.

Bobby being Bobby and Jerry giving him “the look,” Frost, May 1988.

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