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Dr. Dog and Trey Anastasio Exchange Love Letters on Grapefruits

by Rob Slater on February 06, 2014

Dr. Dog and Trey Anastasio have revolutionized how musicians get messages to each other. Rather than send a simple text message like everyone else, the two exchanged messages of encouragement via a grapefruit backstage at Milwaukee's Pabst Theater. Just before Dr. Dog played there, they left the delicious fruit in the dressing room with the message (via the band's Twitter): "Dear Trey, BOOM! Have a great show! Love, Dr. Dog." How cute.

Conventional wisdom would tell us that there is no way Trey sees said grapefruit, much less responds to it. But conventional wisdom is boring. The following evening, Anastasio and his band descended on Milwaukee to entertain a sold-out Pabst Theater only to find Dr. Dog's grapefruit waiting for them. Trey posted the below picture to his Twitter, holding up a grapefruit (and wearing a Dr. Dog hat!) with the message: "Dear Dr. Dog, POW! Have a great show too!! (It's HARD to write on a grapefruit)." Amazing. Musicians communicating with musicians with a boom and pow. We're one "boom" away from a really terrible Black Eyed Peas song. Either way, enjoy what is possibly the coolest thing to come out of Milwaukee since Aaron Rodgers grew this mustache.


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