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June 2018 Relix Magazine Sampler: Slim Wednesday "No (So) Good"
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A Relix Conversation with Warren Haynes and John Scofield

February 18, 2015

Back in 1999, John Scofield joined Gov’t Mule for two nights in Georgia. The aptly-titled new archival release Sco-Mule presents highlights from these performances. Starting on February 18, Scofield and Gov’t Mule will return to the stage together for a month-long national tour.

In the debut of the Relix Conversation series, Warren Haynes and John Scofield discuss their collaboration, their common experiences, development (alongside artists such as Miles Davis, Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts and Phil Lesh) and the nature of live music.

In Part One of the Conversation, Haynes and Scofield touch on their initial meeting and Sco’s work with Medeski Martin & Wood on A Go Go.

In Part Two of the Conversation, Scofield and Haynes revisit the 1999 shows and explore their relationships with the audience.

In Part Three of the Conversation, Haynes discusses his initial exposure to Scofield’s early jazz recordings, and they look back on their formative experiences with Miles Davis and the Allman Brothers Band.

In Part Four of the Conversation, Haynes and Scofield describe their early songwriting efforts, their work with Phil Lesh and what folks can expect from the upcoming Sco-Mule tour.

A Relix Conversation with Warren Haynes and John Scofield

Moderated by Dean Budnick

Filmed and edited by Brian Stollery

Audio engineered by Wayan Zoey

Created and Produced by Bradley Tucker