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April_May Relix Magazine Sampler: Dead & Company | "China Cat Sunflower"
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Into the Dead Zone with John Mayer: ‘73 “Here Comes Sunshine” with Bob Weir Praise and ‘71 “Next Time You See Me”

May 23, 2017

We're back in the Dead Zone with John Mayer as he offers up  some of his favorite material from the band's past every day until Dead & Company's tour kickoff this weekend. 

The first of two new offerings from Mayer arrives in the form of a December '73 version of "Here Comes Sunshine" pulled from the very first installment of the Dicks Picks series at the band's December 19, 1973 show in Tampa, FL. 

Mayer notes the song is not only an "incredible display of guitar improvisation and band interaction" but also a glowing example of Bob Weir's ability as a guitar player as he plays a "cat and mouse" game with Garcia. 

Let's take a listen below. 

Not to be outdone, the newest offering from Mayer: An August 8, 1971 take on "Next Time You See Me" with Pigpen on vocals. "Jerry summoning Freddie King. Brilliant rare take on traditional blues," Mayer said. Listen below. 


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