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April_May Relix Magazine Sampler: Dead & Company | "China Cat Sunflower"
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Parting Shots: Alison Krauss

by Dean Budnick on April 05, 2017
Alison Krauss' new album, Windy City, is her first release in six years—the longest span between albums of her career. “This record took so long to finish because I got burnt out ” she...

Sleigh Bells: Rabbit Tricks

by Justin Jacobs on April 03, 2017
The music of Sleigh Bells has been called a lot of things—abrasive, loud, brash, intense, metallic, even schizophrenic—but idyllic is certainly not one of them. The duo sounds like the clatter of...

Ryan Adams: I Really, Truly Still Love You, New York

by Mike Greenhaus on March 30, 2017
Black & White is located in New York’s East Village, just south of Union Square’s mall-like glaze and a few avenues west of the long-gentrified squalor that gave birth to the city’s original...

At Work: Sinkane

by John Adamian on March 30, 2017
It’s the afternoon before Donald Trump’s inauguration and just a few days after the death of enigmatic Nigerian musician William Onyeabor, and Ahmed Gallab is hunkered down in a Brooklyn...

Blues Traveler Straight On Till Morning (Relix Revisited)

by Toni A. Brown on March 29, 2017
In honor of Blues Traveler's John Popper turning fifty years old today, we look back on this October 1997 interview with Popper covering a wide range of topics from the band's growth to the...

Spotlight: Chicano Batman

by Dean Budnick on March 29, 2017
“Bardo, our singer, was at a party one day and he was doodling,” explains Chicano Batman guitarist Carlos Arévalo as he details the origins of the band’s name, which also encapsulates the...

The Blues Route: Elvin Bishop

by Jeff Tamarkin on March 28, 2017
It was more than 50 years ago when a young man, who grew up first on a farm in Iowa, then in Tulsa, Okla., came to Chicago armed with a college scholarship and a guitar. He’d spent many hours...

The Core: Keller Williams

March 27, 2017
Two at a Time I have two albums coming out at the same time: Sync, with KWahtro, and Raw, which is a solo record. KWahtro is an evolution of the trio I’ve had for a few years. We started Sync in...

Interview: Paul Shaffer

by Dean Budnick on March 22, 2017
Paul Shaffer is getting the band back together. The longtime David Letterman musical director— who also put in stints at Saturday Night Live and with The Blues Brothers, among his many other...

Exposed: Michael Weintrob’s ‘INSTRUMENTHEAD

March 21, 2017
Michael Weintrob’s INSTRUMENTHEAD book draws on a collection of special images that he’s created over the years. In this series, the photographer has shot over 400 individual musicians with...

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