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June_July Relix Magazine Sampler: Fleet Foxes | "Third of May/Odaigahara"
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Reflections with Robert Hunter

by Dean Budnick on June 23, 2017
photo by Jay BlakesbergRobert Hunter turns 76 years old today (his longtime friend and collaborator Jerome John Garcia  would have turned 75 on August 1). Here we look back to our 2013...

The Core: Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools

by Mike Greenhaus on June 21, 2017
Photo credit: Dean BudnickBassist Dave Schools dives into his band’s new touring approach, studying Stravinsky and why it’s time to tend to the home front.FESTIVALS WE DIG, RUNS WE...

Track By Track: Todd Rundgren’s White Knight

by Dean Budnick on June 20, 2017
Todd Rundgren's latest studio album is a collaborative affair. Rundgren has been making records on which he is the sole musician since his classic 1972 double album, Something/Anything? While...

Mickey Hart Revisits Planet Drum

by Dean Budnick on June 16, 2017
Milestones come and go, but since we’re in the Grateful Dead frame of mind these days, there’s one I wish to call to your attention.Actually, there’s plenty happening in Dead World from...

Interview: Jason Isbell Unveils The Nashville Sound

by Rob Slater on June 14, 2017
Over the last four years, Jason Isbell has reinvented himself through sobriety, marriage and, now, fatherhood. His most recent albums, 2013’s Southeastern and 2015’s Something More Than Free,...

Fleet Foxes: On Another Ocean

by Mike Greenhaus on June 13, 2017
This excerpt originally appears in the June_July issue of Relix. To read the full story, subscribe here.It's a mild, early Spring afternoon in Seattle, and Fleet Foxes have officially returned....

Deadicated: Cornell ‘77

by Dean Budnick on June 09, 2017
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s performance at Cornell’s Barton Hall on May 8, 1977, Cornell University Press has issued a new book devoted to what has become the...

Behind the Scene: Jonathan Mayers

by Bradley Tucker on June 07, 2017
This summer, Superfly co-founder Jonathan Mayers will celebrate a few significant milestones: 20 years since his company’s first show, 16 years of Bonnaroo, 10 years of Outside Lands and the...

Phoenix: This Post “Lisztomania” Life

by Emily Zemler on June 05, 2017
There is a sense of darkness in the world right now, but Phoenix’s new album, Ti Amo, resonates with light. Written and recorded over the course of three years, the album contrasts with the...

Dispatch: United We Stand

by Jeremy D. Goodwin on June 02, 2017
There's a clubhouse vibe tonight at Chad Stokes Urmston’s place. Enough people are in the house right now— maybe a dozen—that my arrival goes more or less unnoticed. Urmston and Dispatch...

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