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March Relix Magazine Sampler: Greensky Bluegrass | "Living Over"
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The Blues Route: Elvin Bishop

by Jeff Tamarkin on March 28, 2017
It was more than 50 years ago when a young man, who grew up first on a farm in Iowa, then in Tulsa, Okla., came to Chicago armed with a college scholarship and a guitar. He’d spent many hours...

The Core: Keller Williams

March 27, 2017
Two at a Time I have two albums coming out at the same time: Sync, with KWahtro, and Raw, which is a solo record. KWahtro is an evolution of the trio I’ve had for a few years. We started Sync in...

Interview: Paul Shaffer

by Dean Budnick on March 22, 2017
Paul Shaffer is getting the band back together. The longtime David Letterman musical director— who also put in stints at Saturday Night Live and with The Blues Brothers, among his many other...

Exposed: Michael Weintrob’s ‘INSTRUMENTHEAD

March 21, 2017
Michael Weintrob’s INSTRUMENTHEAD book draws on a collection of special images that he’s created over the years. In this series, the photographer has shot over 400 individual musicians with...

Greensky Bluegrass: The Modern String Quintet

by Matt Inman on March 20, 2017
“We’re not super bluegrass people,” says Anders Beck, dobro master for Greensky Bluegrass. “We’re a rock-and-roll band—we just happen to do it on bluegrass instruments.” Beck is...

Track By Track: Real Estate’s ‘In Mind’

by Dean Budnick on March 16, 2017
In Mind, Real Estate’s fourth full-length LP, marks something of a new beginning for the band. The follow-up to 2014’s Atlas is the quintet’s opening salvo with new guitarist Julian Lynch,...

Securing Frank Zappa’s Vault

by Larson Sutton on March 15, 2017
Laurel Canyon is an affluent hideaway neighborhood in Los Angeles, an idyllic enclave between the San Fernando Valley’s suburban sprawl and the notorious glam of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. In...

Spotlight: Holly Bowling

by Chad Berndtson on March 13, 2017
Holly Bowling began her 2016 playing atrium piano sets on Jam Cruise. She ended the year taking in— and gigging around—Phish’s Madison Square Garden run, on the heels of performances at Warren...

Robert Randolph: A Soulful Salvation

by Matt Norlander on March 09, 2017
When Robert Randolph left the church, some called him the devil. A squeaky wheel in high school, Randolph, now 38, was nonetheless a pedal-steel guitar prodigy who, more importantly, was...

Alan Paul Remembers Butch Trucks: “The world feels a lot quieter, a lot smaller and a lot more boring”

by Alan Paul on March 08, 2017
You know Butch Trucks better than you think you do, even if you never met the man. His personality was in every bar of every song that the Allman Brothers Band ever played: hard charging,...

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