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September Relix Magazine Sampler: "Sheep" - Buddha Council
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Tour Diary: Cage the Elephant

by Rob Slater on September 22, 2017
Matt Shultz happily admits that Cage The Elephant is a long way from a retrospective record. “Our record label, RCA, called for the option of a greatest-hits release,” the frontman says of the...

Parting Shots: Joy Division and New Order’s Peter Hook

by Mike Greenhaus on September 20, 2017
Peter Hook spent the first 30 years of his career with his eyes focused firmly forward and the past 10 reminding his fans just how important those decades of hard work were. As the co-founder of...

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead: Saints of Circumstance

by Peter Shapiro with Dean Budnick on September 18, 2017
The following excerpt originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of Relix where publisher Peter Shapiro and editor-in-chief Dean Budnick sat down with Joe Russo to talk all things Joe Russo's...

Portugal. The Man: Back to the Garden

by Mike Greenhaus on September 14, 2017
In 1997, Pantera rolled into Anchorage, Alaska, and the experience melted Zachary Carothers’ mind. The seminal moment arrived just a few minutes into the metal titans’ show: During “Cowboys...

A Conversation with Mickey Hart and Lee Ranaldo

September 11, 2017
This story originally appeared in the July_August issue of Relix featuring a variety of pieces on the Grateful Dead's 50th anniversary. To subscribe, click here. “How did I get...

Maintaining Equilibrium: Mike Gordon Sets Off In A New Direction with OGOGO

by Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta on September 11, 2017
Photo by Rene Huemer The first track on Mike Gordon’s new record OGOGO is the synth-laden, poppy “Equilibrium.” It’s a fitting way to open the album, considering Gordon’s career is its...

Please Call Home: Alan Paul Remembers Gregg Allman

by Alan Paul on September 07, 2017
“Check this out, man!” Gregg Allman leaned back in his chair and pulled his shirt up to reveal the giant scarring across his midsection. “Ooh, boy! If they told me how much it hurt, I would...

Global Beat: Damian Marley

by Larson Sutton on September 05, 2017
In the summer of 2005, Damian Marley was everywhere. Bolstered by its jolting, title-track anthem, Welcome to Jamrock was a crossover smash, scoring Top-10 positions on four U.S. charts, and...

Phish: The Undefeated Season

by Benjy Eisen- on September 01, 2017
Photos by Dino Perrucci, Bill Kelly and Dean BudnickIN 1997 PHISH DESTROYED AMERICA. IN 2017, THEY CAME BACK TO SAVE IT. Like everybody else the past couple of weeks, I want to talk about...

The War on Drugs: High-Speed Introspection

by Mike Greenhaus on August 30, 2017
Adam Granduciel can pinpoint the exact moment Deadheads started showing up at his concerts. It was December 2011 and The War on Drugs, his indie-leaning psychedelic-rock band, had routed through...

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