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January_February Relix Magazine Sampler: Tim Reynolds “A Tangled Web We Weave”
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Parting Shots: Tool’s Maynard James Keenan

by Mike Greenhaus on January 23, 2017
“I wanted to draw a map for my children so they would have a better understanding of my choices,” Maynard James Keenan says of A Perfect Union of Contrary Things, the official biography of his...

The Devil Makes Three: Redemption Songs

by Matt Inman on January 20, 2017
Pete Bernhard is onstage at Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Rough Trade for a short matinee performance with his band in support of their new album that dropped a few days earlier. The Devil Makes Three...

Spotlight: Hiss Golden Messenger

by Ryan Reed on January 19, 2017
“I feel like making Heart Like a Levee and composing these songs was putting me to the test, putting my feet to the flame in a way I hadn’t experienced before,” says M.C. Taylor, mastermind...

At Work: Cris Jacobs

by Rob Slater on January 19, 2017
Cris Jacobs spent almost a decade on the Mid-Atlantic jam circuit with Baltimore favorites The Bridge, which netted him a tour with Mike Gordon, a spot on The Wire and regular appearances at...

Interview: Reed Mathis on Electrifying Beethoven

by Dean Budnick on January 17, 2017
Reed Mathis grew up in a family of classical musicians. His parents, grandparents and a number of aunts and uncles all pursued careers in the arts. But while the Oklahoma-raised Mathis shared...

Behind the Scene: Jason Miller

by Bradley Tucker on January 15, 2017
Photos: Stephanie LaFera (Kaskade's Manager), Kaskade and Jason Miller (l-r)“I believe that music is the great equalizer,” explains Live Nation New York President Jason Miller. “It’s the...

The Core: Lotus’ Jesse Miller

by Mike Greenhaus on January 13, 2017
After years of pop flirtation, the livetronica quintet turns in a set of vocal tracks equally suited for the dance floor and the festival circuit.DANCE YRSELF CLEAN [My brother, Lotus guitarist]...

At Work: Dams of the West

by Matt Inman on January 12, 2017
When Vampire Weekend returned home from their most recent tour in 2014 and settled into their current, unofficial hiatus period, drummer Chris Tomson got to work on a new project. But the wheels...

Parting Shots: Melissa Etheridge

by Dean Budnick on January 10, 2017
Melissa Etheridge’s latest release, Memphis Rock and Soul, pays tribute to Stax Records and its signature sound. Although the original Stax studio no longer exists, she recorded the album using...

Dave Matthews Band: Musically Speaking

by Tom Moon on January 09, 2017
Today marks Dave Matthews' 50th birthday. To honor fifty years of the DMB bandleader, we'll be celebrating his work all week long beginning with our March 2013 cover story on the band shortly...

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