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Song Premiere: Chris Combs “Versus”

September 12, 2017

Chris Combs, guitarist and composer of the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, will release his debut solo album Combsy this fall. The album, which was primarily tracked in October of 2016 with Aaron Boehler (bass) and Andrew Bones (drums, vibraphone), Combs also welcomed a horn section that included Brad Walker, Dan Oestreicher and Carly Meyers before finishing the record. Today, we premiere "Versus" from that album. 

On the song, Combs told Relix, "'Versus' is about standing up to evil and darkness and fighting it with love, light, and music. This is an intense time on our planet and its easy to feel helpless and dejected...but its more important than ever to shine our light and show our love."Listen below. 


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