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Lars Ulrich Talks Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Zeppelin and Everyone Else in Hilarious Interview with Dave Grohl

September 11, 2017

Two of rock's best drummers came face to face as Metallica's Lars Ulrich sat with Foo Fighters/Nirvana's Dave Grohl for part one of a two-part interview as a part of Ulrich's radio show on Apple Music. As you'd expect, it is one of the most enjoyable hours you'll spend today as these two trade rock and roll stories from their seemingly endless stack of memories. 

The stories ranged from Grohl's last minute call from Lorne Michaels to back up Mick Jagger on Saturday Night Live, to Liam Gallagher breaking the nerves of a frantic Taylor Hawkins pre-Glastonbury. As the story goes, the Oasis frontman strolled into the band's green room just minutes before heading on stage. "Taylor was so nervous," Grohl recalled of his bandmate ahead of the massive show. Gallagher sauntered in and turned to Hawkins and complimented one of his songs. "He said, ''Range Rover Bitch.' That's the fucking shit.'"

Paul McCartney was also a heavy topic of conversation, as he appears on the new Foo Fighters record Concrete and Gold playing drums. Grohl says the famed Beatle nailed the song "Sunday Rain" in one take and Ulrich also chimed in with a Sir Paul-on-drums story, recalling that time he was about to play on stage with Bono and The Edge at a private party before McCartney jumped in ahead of him. "I was like, 'Motherfucker!,'" Ulrich said. 

From there, rock royalty like Led Zeppelin enters the fray as Grohl recalled his time with John Paul Jones and friend Josh Homme in Them Crooked Vultures. "I have Zeppelin tattoos," Grohl joked about his fandom of the band, admitting he hides them around the members of the band. Ulrich also brought up the late Lemmy, as both men were influenced greatly by the Motorhead mastermind. Grohl remembers first meeting the iconic bassist in a strip club, where a casual greeting from Grohl turned into a sweet moment with the hard-edged rocker. 

"He said, 'I'm sorry what happened to your friend Kurt,'" Grohl remembers about his first encounter with Lemmy. "What a sweet thing to say." There are also memories of many other Lemmy interactions, including a trip to his apartment where he was sitting in his underwear, playing video games and listening to the new Motorhead album. 

Listen to part one below.