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Scott Law: Black Mountain

by Kiran Herbert on December 30, 2013

It’s typical for Scott Law to share a stage with all the biggest names in jam and bluegrass music, but the 11-song Black Mountain positions his musicianship squarely at the forefront. Though the covers are strong (Danny Barnes’ “Get It While You Can” and Lester Flatt’s “I’ll Stay Around”) this album reflects Law’s own vision. The instrumentals (four in total, including “Melinda’s Reel”) highlight his expert, soulful guitar playing as a bandleader, and all of the tracks feature talented friends—from Darol Anger on fiddle to Aoife O’Donovan and Nicki Bluhm on vocals—enriching the sound. “Leave the Leavin’ Up to You” is the perfect amalgamation of Law’s style: vintage strings meet high-lonesome harmonies on a new classic that will have you humming for days.

Authors: Kiran Herbert
Artist: Scott Law
Album: Black Mountain
Label: Self-Released


Scott is an American treasure. Although this album reflects his most excellent finger-picking/acoustic style,he is also a great electric player.  He lives in Portland and can be found in select markets….....Check him out, if soulfully created music from the heart is your thing, than dig you will. 
PS- Message to the ether, scott would make a great Phriend in phils band.  At least better than the knuckelheads he is rolling around with now.  Take a valium Anders.

By gabe - 12/31/13

Anders is fucking great.

By Sam - 01/02/14

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