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Moistboyz: V

by Ron Hart on December 27, 2013

With Ween on indefinite hiatus, Deaner has focused his energies on his fishing business Mickey’s Guide Service (a must-add to any bucket list!) and melting minds with his longtime side gig as one half of the Moistboyz, alongside vocalist Guy Heller. On the fifth offering from the duo of Dickie and Mickey, Moist mean business in a way that they haven’t exhibited since their Grand Royal days. Recorded in late 2012 and early 2013 (so as not to interfere with a season on the high seas), V finds the Boyz in fine and furious form on such rowdy, rugged tracks as “Protect and Serve,” “Medusa” and “Chickendick,” while exploring more acoustic textures on cuts like “Down on the Farm” and “My Time to Die.” Ween may not be anymore, but Dickie and Mickey remain moister than ever.

Authors: Ron Hart
Artist: Moistboyz
Album: V
Label: Neverman


What a fantastic record! This band deserves sooo much more attention than they get. Music fans need to wake up and smell the sweat. MOISTBOYZ WILL NEVER RETIRE!

By Bill - 12/27/13

Indeed a killer record… Lots of 60s vibe ( like early Alice Cooper) mixed with 70s thru 90s punk and a good sense of humor… Gotta love it

By Mikey Mang - 12/27/13

HoLY SHIT!! Fuckin RAWK!!!

By Ted steropholis - 12/29/13

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