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Lotus Rock Brooklyn Bowl During Three-Night Run (A Gallery)

April 18, 2014

Lotus headlined three shows at Brooklyn's Brooklyn Bowl this week, performing to a packed house throughout the week as the band wraps up their Spring tour before breaking prior to festival season. Next up for Lotus is a pair of shows this weekend at Rams Head Live in Baltimore as well as a performance as a part of Bicycle Day Weekend in San Francisco. Scott Harris shared some images from the run which included an energetic crowd, elaborate light rig and even a marriage proposal.


Do I have to fix my monitor or are 80% of these photos blurry and out of focus?  What the what?

By mp - 01/15/14

Is anyone else already sick of this wannabe 60’s British Psych Pop? Tame Impala .. Cool, new! Foxygen .. Ok, we get it. Temples .. YAWN.

By Bored - 03/31/14

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