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June Relix Magazine Sampler: The Motet - Damn!
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Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers: Rehab Reunion

by Justin Jacobs on July 01, 2016
For anyone who’s followed Bruce Hornsby’s long career, a read through the liner notes (or iTunes description) of Rehab Reunion, his new album with The Noisemakers, may leave the impression...

Paul McCartney: Paul McCartney

by Jeff Tamarkin on June 30, 2016
You have a few choices as to how you would like your Pure McCartney. If you stick with the 2-CD version, you’ll get 39 tracks, mostly the biggest post-Beatles solo hits, with a handful of Wings...

Dave King Trucking Company: Surrounded by the Night

by Jeff Tamarkin on June 29, 2016
Dave King is best known as the drummer of The Bad Plus, one of the most forward-pointing groups in jazz today. But he’s one restless dude and, whenever that trio is on a break, he can be found...

The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds (50th Anniversary Collection)

by Jeff Tamarkin on June 28, 2016
Pet Sounds, in its original 1966 monaural 13-song incarnation, ran for a little more than 36 minutes. Since then, as it’s worked its way up to, or near the top of, pretty much every “best...

Foxtails Brigade: Foxtails Brigade

by J. Poet on June 27, 2016
Laura Weinbach, lead singer, main songwriter and guitarist for Foxtails Brigade, inhabits her own world. The music she makes with her partner, violinist and arranger Anton Patzner, defies easy...

The Avett Brothers: True Sadness

by Emily Zemler on June 24, 2016
The Avett Brothers don’t really have anything to prove at this point. The North Carolina outfit has unveiled two highly successful albums since their major label debut—and breakout—album I and...

Lawrence: Breakfast

by Wayan Zoey on June 23, 2016
For those who have been wondering what Eric Krasno has been up to since he eased up on his road commitments, Breakfast, the debut from sibling-led soul/funk band Lawrence, serves as a solid excuse...

Ronnie Spector: English Heart

by Jeff Tamarkin on June 22, 2016
There’s a long-standing myth that the arrival of The Beatles and their British kin killed American pop music. Untrue: The Ronettes, for one, scored three Top 40 hits in 1964 alone, among them...

Garbage: Strange Little Birds

by Emily Zemler on June 21, 2016
At moments in their several decade-long history, Garbage have taken on the sound of the times, embodying the grunge of the ‘90s or the rock sheen of the ‘00s. But Strange Little Birds, the...

Eli Paperboy Reed: My Way Home

by Emily Zemler on June 20, 2016
If you need proof of the way that major labels influence their artists in hopes of a radio single, then look no further than Eli Paperboy Reed, a blues and gospel musician who has finally...

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