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July_August 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia
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Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard: Django And Jimmie

by Jeff Tamarkin on August 28, 2015
Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard’s 1983 collaboration, Pancho & Lefty, saluted two mythical characters and became a No. 1 country album. Django And Jimmie nominally bows (only via its title...

Holy Sons: Fall of Man

by John Adamian on August 27, 2015
This is post-lapsarian rock. Holy Sons is the long-running project of multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter Emil Amos, and this is Amos’ second album with Chicago-based Thrill Jockey,...

Fox Street: Authentic Western Style

by Lee Zimmerman on August 26, 2015
Any band that calls Denver home has the right to title their third album Authentic Western Style, even if Southern-style R&B is more their forte. (Note the cover of “Southern Nights.”)...

Elephant Revival: Sands Of Now

by Kiran Herbert on August 25, 2015
Colorado-based Elephant Revival designed Sands Of Now—a combination live CD/DVD—to incorporate everything that speaks to the ethereal-folk ensemble, from the glimpses of Boulder’s famed Pearl...

Amy Helm: Didn’t It Rain

by Jeff Tamarkin on August 24, 2015
Even if she hadn’t done anything but hang around The Barn, the recording studio/intimate performance space run by her dad, Levon Helm, Amy Helm would have picked up a first-class education on...

Cure for the Common: The Squeeze

by Matt Inman on August 05, 2015
At first glance, it seems a bit presumptuous to name your band Cure for the Common—to claim that your group is the solution to the musical malady that is the boring, the everyday, the uninspired....

Neil Young and Promise of the Real in Mansfield

by Matthew Shelter on August 03, 2015
Neil Young and Promise of the RealXfinity CenterMansfield, MAJuly 22The ever-evolving ruby in the dust that is Neil Young is back on the road this summer, playing a mix of old and new songs with a...

The Velvet Teen: All Is Illusory

by J. Poet on August 03, 2015
The Velvet Teen have already incorporated electronica, jazz, ‘60s pop and EDM into their ever-expanding sound. On Illusory, they add elements of classical music, prog rock, thrash and industrial...

Civil Twilight: Story of an Immigrant

by J. Poet on July 31, 2015
Three of Civil Twilight’s four members—lead vocalist, bass and piano player Steven McKeller, guitarist Andrew McKeller and drummer Richard Wouters—are from the Republic of South Africa. (The...

Round Eye: Round Eye

by J. Poet on July 30, 2015
After Craig Englund (Libyan Hit Squad) moved to Shanghai, China, he tracked down other American ex-pats and started Round Eye, combining early R&B, surf, free jazz and ‘80s hardcore. China is...

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