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October_November Relix Magazine Sampler: Hamish Anderson - Hold On Me
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Jagwar Ma: Every Now & Then

by Emily Zemler on December 06, 2016
On Every Now & Then, Australian trio Jagwar Ma follow their 2013 debut, Howlin’, with a collection of psychedelic rock that draws on a variety of tones and styles as the 11 tracks unfold. The...

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years (DVD)

by Larson Sutton on December 05, 2016
Often with subjects that command such a wide scope, it’s not just the story, but the one who is telling it. Acclaimed director Ron Howard is the latest to take on music’s Everest, also known...

Anders Osborne: Flower Box

by Lee Zimmerman on December 02, 2016
With a trajectory that encompasses 13 albums—and nearly as many record labels—Anders Osborne’s prolific prowess is well established. It’s further evidenced by the fact that Flower Box is his...

Marc Ford and the Neptune Blues Club: The Vulture

by Lee Zimmerman on December 01, 2016
Marc Ford could be considered the epitome of a journeyman rocker. As a member of an A-list rock band (The Black Crowes), a hired hand (given his work with Ben Harper, The Jayhawks, The Original...

Umphrey’s McGee: Zonkey

by Ryan Reed on November 30, 2016
The mash-up approach has delivered diminishing returns since 2004, when Danger Mouse’s Beatles-Jay Z hybrid, The Grey Album, triggered an avalanche of lazy cut-and-paste laptop tweakers. It’s...

Hart Valley Drifters: Folk Time

by Jeff Tamarkin on November 29, 2016
What a remarkable document this is. In late 1962, a 20-year-old banjo player and guitarist named Jerry Garcia, along with four other acoustic musicians, entered the studio of Stanford...

Sturgill Simpson in Los Angeles

by Larson Sutton on November 28, 2016
Photo by Stuart LevineSturgill Simpson Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles, CA November 16 In 2014, after Sturgill Simpson released his second album, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, he was met...

Drive-By Truckers: American Band

by Bill Murphy on November 28, 2016
Southern rock is more than just a sound or a state of mind—it’s an ethos, inspired by rebellion, devil-may-care swagger and a heavy dose of bluesy romanticism. Going on 20 years now, Patterson...

Devon Allman: Ride or Die

by Lee Zimmerman on November 23, 2016
I’s taken Devon Allman time to emerge from under his father’s shadow but now, at age 44—far older than dad Gregg was when he and Devon’s uncle Duane hit full stride with the original Allman...

Yo La Tengo: Murder in the Second Degree

by Jesse Jarnow on November 22, 2016
There’s a certain kind of magic that Yo La Tengo achieve every year during their annual appearance on listener-supported New Jersey radio station WFMU where, in return for donations, they play...

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