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April_May Relix Magazine Sampler: Hamish Anderson "Trouble"
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Grateful Dead: July 1978: The Complete Recordings

by Jeff Tamarkin on May 27, 2016
As Rhino Records releases more and more boxed sets of complete Grateful Dead tours (Europe '72 Complete Recordings, Spring 1990) and other massive overviews (30 Trips Around the Sun), it’s as...

U.S. Elevator: U.S. Elevator

by Lilli Friedman on May 26, 2016
There is an undeniable West Coast vibe that percolates throughout U.S. Elevator’s self-titled first record. This is to be expected, as the project is helmed by Santa Barbara-based Johnny Irion...

The Joy Formidable: Hitch

by Emily Zemler on May 25, 2016
Wolf’s Law, Welsh rock band The Joy Formidable’s previous album, arrived in early 2013, leaving a uncertain gap in the musicians’ output. Since that release, the band has created their own...

Hackensaw Boys: Charismo

by Lee Zimmerman on May 24, 2016
Like the Punch Brothers, Steep Canyon Rangers and other so-called newgrass groups, Hackensaw Boys tweak tradition just enough to still be branded as bluegrass, even with their individual imprint....

Del McCoury Band: Del and Woody

by Kiran Herbert on May 23, 2016
 Woody Gurthrie and Del McCoury are American legends, and although they never knew one another, they’ve managed to collaborate on 12 tracks. Woody wrote the lyrics (some of them in the year Del...

Various Artists: God Don’t Never Change—The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson

by Jeff Tamarkin on May 20, 2016
Texan blues pioneer Blind Willie Johnson recorded 30 songs for Columbia between 1927-30, several years before Robert Johnson (no relation) cut his series of epochal sides. Perhaps because Blind...

Santana: Santana IV

by Jeff Tamarkin on May 19, 2016
Fans are right to be skeptical of classic-rock band reunions: All too often they disappoint, that once special mojo evaporated with time. So when it was announced that Carlos Santana would...

Night Moves: Pennied Days

by Matt Inman on May 18, 2016
The product of many months spent by John Pelant hammering and tinkering away at songs alone in his basement, Pennied Days is the sophomore album from Minneapolis-based group Night Moves, who...

Peter Wolf: A Cure for Loneliness

by Jeff Tamarkin on May 17, 2016
Peter Wolf has now been a solo artist for nearly as long as he spent as lead singer of the J. Geils Band. That’s given him a whole lot of time to expand and redefine—that he’s done so without...

The Skiffle Players: Skifflin’

by Bill Murphy on May 16, 2016
While they don’t quite qualify as an according-to-Hoyle skiffle band—in the Brit tradition of say, The Quarrymen (later known as The Beatles)—The Skiffle Players still hold true to that ethos,...

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