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October-November 2014 Relix Magazine Sampler: TR3 Featuring Tim Reynolds - In The Zone
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Tweedy at Town Hall

by Dan Warry-Smith on October 31, 2014
Photo by Nathaniel Siegler Tweedy Town Ballroom Buffalo, NY October 1 Things got off on a suitably Buffalonian note when Brian Betancourt - the bassist from...

Devon Allman: Ragged & Dirty

by Michael Verity on October 31, 2014
Yup, this is Gregg’s kid and there’s no denying the family connection. You can hear the paternal call in his gravelly voice and feel Uncle Duane’s deep Southern boogie in his guitar...

Ike Stubblefield: Righteous!

by Stratton Lawrence on October 30, 2014
The venerable master of the B-3 organ gets right to business on this concise 10-track collection, with the majority of the all-instrumental songs clocking in under three minutes. Recorded by...

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Worker

by Brad Farberman on October 29, 2014
Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey turns 20 this year and there’s a lot to catch up on. For starters, the jazz group is now the trio of Chris Combs on guitar and steel guitar, Josh Raymer on drums, and...

Flying Lotus: You’re Dead!

by Ryan Reed on October 28, 2014
Flying Lotus’ fifth LP opens with a psychedelic carnival ride of Fender Rhodes riffs, popping bass runs, liquid sax and sizzling cymbals. Steven Ellison, the man behind the mindfuck, has...

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad: Steady

by Glenn BurnSilver on October 27, 2014
Reggae is still the core of Rochester, N.Y.’s Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, though the band frequently jams itself into other genres. Despite incorporating elements of funk, dub and good-old...

Philip Selway: Weatherhouse

by Ryan Reed on October 24, 2014
For the past two decades, Philip Selway has added muscle and groove to Radiohead’s sprawling artrock. But he’s showcasing his more ruminative side as a solo artist—first with his 2010...

Kevin Morby: Still Life

by John Adamian on October 23, 2014
Like Harlem River, his highly regarded 2013 solo debut, the sophomore release from singer-songwriter and former Woods bassist Kevin Morby is a record of songs about his time in New York, before...

Jackson Browne: Standing in the Breach

by Lee Zimmerman on October 22, 2014
It’s hardly surprising that Jackson Browne must always strive to meet the same high standard established early on. He hasn’t always succeeded, but Standing in the Breach—Browne’s 14th...

Israel Nash: Rain Plans

by Jeff Tamarkin on October 21, 2014
Israel Nash (Gripka) put together Rain Plans, his third album, after moving from New York City to Dripping Springs, Texas, outside of Austin. Just how that drastic life reset affected the...

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