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The Whigs: Modern Creation

by Glenn BurnSilver on April 18, 2014
Modern Creation is a wry title for this accomplished Athens, Ga.-based band. Now with a few albums under their belts, The Whigs don’t seem compelled to try so hard to create something...

The Animals: The Mickie Most Years and More

by Jeff Tamarkin on April 17, 2014
As was the case with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the early albums by The Animals were often significantly different in the U.K. and the U.S. In the States, the band—arguably the...

The Bad Plus: The Rite of Spring

by Richard Gehr on April 16, 2014
As Frank Zappa demonstrated via musical quotes on the first two Mothers of Invention albums, there’s no more rocking a classical composition than Igor Stravinsky’s Rite Of Spring....

Lettuce at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

by Chad Berndtson on April 15, 2014
Photo by Paul Citone/ Erik Kabik Photography Lettuce Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV March 30 Lettuce and Las Vegas are a fine match. A Vegas...

Neil Finn: Dizzy Heights

by Glenn BurnSilver on April 15, 2014
It’s impossible to mistake the nasally falsetto of Crowded House frontman Neil Finn, but on Dizzy Heights, he tries, opening the album in perfectly unexpected lumbering fashion, with his pop...

Simone Felice: Strangers

by Justin Jacobs on April 14, 2014
When Simone Felice left The Felice Brothers in 2009, he ditched his brothers’ ragged, scrappy barroom rock in favor of a more refined type of folk. First with The Duke & the King, then on...

Woods: With Light and with Love

by John Adamian on April 11, 2014
Some hippies clean up real nice. Woods—an often slightly shambolic and shaggy psych-pop outfit—have applied a degree of polish and sheen to their dreamy, lilting, strummy, trippy jams on...

Takuya Kuroda: Rising Son

by Philip Booth on April 10, 2014
Neo-electro-funk is the dominant flavor on Takuya Kuroda’s Rising Son, the major-label debut for the Brooklyn-based, Japanese-born trumpeter, who is best known for his work with singer Jose...

Black Oak Dirt: Wawayanda Patent

by Jesse Jarnow on April 09, 2014
Superjam records come and superjam records go, and Wawayanda Patent—credited to Black Dirt Oak—has at least one leg up on the competition for its complete absence of guitar shredding or...

Luther Dickinson: Rock ‘n Roll Blues

by Ron Hart on April 08, 2014
Growing up in rural Mississippi, Luther Dickinson felt like he was the only Black Flag fan for miles. The excitement of finally seeing the LA hardcore legends perform at a Memphis record shop...

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