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December 2014 Relix Magazine Sampler: Rubblebucket - My Life
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Gov’t Mule: Dark Side of the Mule & Stoned Side of the Mule: Vol. 1

by Glenn BurnSilver on December 24, 2014
When one artist covers another artist, particularly on some fairly seminal works, there are two schools of thought. Should the songs be played close to the vest, adhering fairly tightly to the...

Nels Cline & Julian Lage: Room

by Glenn BurnSilver on December 23, 2014
With unbelievable dexterity and aplomb, Nels Cline, best known as Wilco’s adventurous guitarist, renders his instrument a living organism capable of crying, singing and laughing with joy. In...

Reed Foehl: Lost in the West

by Wesley Hodges on December 22, 2014
Former Acoustic Junction frontman Reed Foehl’s marvelous Lost in the West places the listener out on a remote stretch of highway, mind-swept in these gorgeously emotive sonic landscapes. The...

The Disco Biscuits: The Classical Set

by Benjy Eisen on December 19, 2014
If modern vinyl represents the intersection of the old and the new, then the Disco Biscuits’ first foray into the format crosses that same time-stamped junction. The band wisely opted to make...

Grateful Dead: Dave’s Picks, Volume 12; ​11/18/72 Hofheinz Pavilion, Two From The Vault

by Jesse Jarnow on December 18, 2014
Head Spins: The latest Dead relics Dave’s Picks, Volume 12: Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 11/4/77 (Rhino) The liner notes to Dave’s Picks 12 get it just exactly perfect: an...

Dave Davies: Rippin’ Up Time

by Lee Zimmerman on December 17, 2014
Despite recurring rumors about reunions and rapprochement, the possibility that the brothers Davies might somehow mend their differences and eventually reconvene The Kinks seems as remote as...

New Orleans Suspects: Ouroboros

by J. Poet on December 16, 2014
It is a loaded statement to name your album after the ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail, but many of these legendary suspects were there at the birth of funk, so the...

Dopapod: Never Odd or Even

by Peter DeStefano on December 15, 2014
Never Odd or Even, Dopapod’s fourth record, is the palindromic Northeast band’s most mature effort yet. The quartet’s second record to feature lyric—guitarist Rob Compa does an...

Ornette Coleman: Ornette: Made in America (Blu-ray)

by Jeff Tamarkin on December 12, 2014
Ornette Coleman was called “an eccentric when he was young and a genius when he was old,” music critic John Rockwell says insightfully about the ever-groundbreaking jazz saxophonist and...

Branford Marsalis: In My Solitude: Live at Grace Cathedral

by Jeff Tamarkin on December 11, 2014
In jazz, certain instruments lend themselves well to solo performance more than others: Most major pianists, at one time or another, play a solo concert and solo guitar is also plentiful in the...

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