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September 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Galactic (Feat. Macy Gray) "Into The Deep"
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Jimi Hendrix Experience: Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival

by Jeff Tamarkin on October 13, 2015
Jimi Hendrix had just a little more than two months to live when he performed at the second Atlanta International Pop Festival on July 4, 1970. No one in the audience—estimated at between 200,000...

Widespread Panic: Street Dogs

by Jaan Uhelszki on October 09, 2015
Widespread Panic have finally ascended to the halls of Valhalla. Not just because there was a vacancy after the Allman Brothers broke up or because the surviving members of the Grateful Dead...

Glenn Mercer: Incidental Hum

by Jesse Jarnow on October 08, 2015
Making his solo instrumental debut, Feelies co-founder Glenn Mercer taps into a zone on Incidental Hum that his veteran band charted a course for after 1980’s Crazy Rhythms but never quite...

The Revivalists: Men Amongst Mountains

by Lee Zimmerman on October 07, 2015
It seems that The Revivalists aspire to be all bands to all fans. Though they outwardly appear like a swampy ensemble from New Orleans, the seven-piece outfit purvey a rootsy sound with all the...

Metric: Pagans In Vegas

by Emily Zemler on October 06, 2015
Although Metric’s buoyant indie-rock songs have always been deeply palatable on a mainstream level, the band’s last album, 2012’s Synthetica, felt notably accessible. Maybe the contemporary...

Mark Knopfler at the Dolby Theatre

by Larson Sutton on October 05, 2015
Mark KnopflerDolby TheatreLos Angeles, CASeptember 19The dignified rock star is a relatively new persona among those fortunate to have a career long and successful enough to wear it.For Mark...

Foals: What Went Down

by Justin Jacobs on October 05, 2015
Foals’ fourth record begins with a beast. Title track “What Went Down” is a violently propulsive slab of ferocious rock, with frontman Yannis Philippakis howling, “When I see a man, I see...

Blitzen Trapper: All Across This Land

by Justin Jacobs on October 02, 2015
There’s rock that apes the past, and then there’s rock that celebrates it—stepping into the same current but moving forward. Portland, Ore.’s Blitzen Trapper have long been Americana...

Silversun Pickups: Better Nature

by Ryan Reed on October 01, 2015
Even at their angstiest, Silversun Pickups can’t help but sound smooth. Streamlined fuzz-heavy guitar-rock is the Los Angeles quartet’s calling card—the reason they were pegged as Smashing...

Battles: La Di Da Di

by Ryan Reed on September 30, 2015
Battles were dealt a seemingly fatal blow in 2010, losing their avant-garde lightning-rod frontman, Tyondai Braxton. But the slaphappy New York math-rockers dusted off their MIDI cables and...

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