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Monomyth: Saturnalia Regalia!

by Ryan Reed on July 28, 2014
A lot of modern indie-rock bands hover rather anonymously between dream-pop and shoegaze, hiding their half-formed hooks behind endless waves of flange and reverb. Halifax, Nova Scotia-based...

Jenny Lewis: The Voyager

by Ryan Reed on July 25, 2014
Jenny Lewis’ greatest artistic strengths—her effortlessly smooth croon, her ever-precise hooks—are also her most glaring weaknesses. The Voyager, her third solo LP (and first since the...

Eno • Hyde: Someday World

by Ron Hart on July 24, 2014
For all that he’s achieved through instrumental music in these last 40-odd years, there’s still nothing like hearing Brian Eno’s distinct monotone croon on record. And Someday World, the...

Hank Williams: The Garden Spot Programs, 1950

by Jesse Jarnow on July 23, 2014
A recently uncovered tape confirms that a half-hour of prime, unissued Hank Williams is something rare and special indeed. On The Garden Spot Programs, between DJ chatter and promo spots for a...

Puss N Boots: No Fools, No Fun

by Lee Zimmerman on July 22, 2014
Consider this CSN’s feminine alter ego. Norah Jones continues her transition from late-night chanteuse to Americana enthusiast with Puss N Boots, a supergroup of sorts that teams her with...

Ginger Baker: Why?

by Jeff Tamarkin on July 21, 2014
Anyone who’s seen the documentary Beware of Mr. Baker or read an interview with the irascible musician knows that Ginger Baker doesn’t have much love for rock drummers (or people in general,...

Freeman: FREEMAN

by Glenn BurnSilver on July 18, 2014
Aaron Freeman, half of Ween (Gene), always offered a diverse array of explorations— musically and lyrically. It isn’t surprising, then, that FREEMAN opens with what is perhaps rock’s most...

Professor Longhair: The Last Mardi Gras

by Glenn BurnSilver on July 17, 2014
Henry Roeland “Roy” Byrd, aka Professor Longhair, single-handedly created his own genre. A meld of boogie-woogie, rhythm and blues, New Orleans jazz and Creole cadence, Byrd developed a...

Drowning Clowns: All That’s Covered Over

by Abbe Ouziel on July 16, 2014
All That’s Covered Over is the debut album by self-proclaimed psychedelic-rock orchestra, Drowning Clowns. The Pittsburgh-based band began as a passion project for musician Mike Speranzo, who...

Ghost Owl: Say Goodbye to Finland

by Brian Bavosa on July 15, 2014
Reinventing yourself, while holding onto your roots, can be an extremely difficult process. Sometimes, a certain sustainable groove emerges from a shadow—or ghost—of your former self....

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