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June Relix Magazine Sampler: The Motet - Damn!
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The Avett Brothers: True Sadness

by Emily Zemler on June 24, 2016
The Avett Brothers don’t really have anything to prove at this point. The North Carolina outfit has unveiled two highly successful albums since their major label debut—and breakout—album I and...

Lawrence: Breakfast

by Wayan Zoey on June 23, 2016
For those who have been wondering what Eric Krasno has been up to since he eased up on his road commitments, Breakfast, the debut from sibling-led soul/funk band Lawrence, serves as a solid excuse...

Ronnie Spector: English Heart

by Jeff Tamarkin on June 22, 2016
There’s a long-standing myth that the arrival of The Beatles and their British kin killed American pop music. Untrue: The Ronettes, for one, scored three Top 40 hits in 1964 alone, among them...

Garbage: Strange Little Birds

by Emily Zemler on June 21, 2016
At moments in their several decade-long history, Garbage have taken on the sound of the times, embodying the grunge of the ‘90s or the rock sheen of the ‘00s. But Strange Little Birds, the...

Eli Paperboy Reed: My Way Home

by Emily Zemler on June 20, 2016
If you need proof of the way that major labels influence their artists in hopes of a radio single, then look no further than Eli Paperboy Reed, a blues and gospel musician who has finally...

Joe Bonamassa: Blues of Desperation

by Lee Zimmerman on June 17, 2016
Joe Bonamassa’s ability to navigate the intersection between blues and rock sometimes tilts to the former rather than the latter. True, Bonamassa is a prime example of an artist who’s helped...

The Jayhawks: Paging Mr. Proust

by Lee Zimmerman on June 16, 2016
When they emerged during Americana wave of the early ‘90s, The Jayhawks were competing with edgier ensembles like Uncle Tupelo and its insurgent offspring Wilco and Son Volt. Even so, their...

Mary Chapin Carpenter: The Things That We Are Made Of

by Lee Zimmerman on June 15, 2016
Mary Chapin Carpenter’s career had a successful start-up, as reflected in a series of chart-topping albums released in the early ‘90s and the five Grammy Awards she garnered as a result. Since...

Emitt Rhodes: Rainbow Ends

by Bill Murphy on June 14, 2016
Back in the early ‘70s, Emitt Rhodes was four albums into a promising solo career, lauded as America’s answer to Paul McCartney, when it all suddenly went to pieces. Under mounting pressure...

Pete Seeger: Pete-Pak

by Jeff Tamarkin on June 13, 2016
Pete is often considered the last significant album recorded by Pete Seeger, who had long ago abandoned the studio when he agreed to cut this music in 1996. The catalyst was new age artist Paul...

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