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July_August 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia
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Neil Young and Promise of the Real in Mansfield

by Matthew Shelter on August 03, 2015
Neil Young and Promise of the RealXfinity CenterMansfield, MAJuly 22The ever-evolving ruby in the dust that is Neil Young is back on the road this summer, playing a mix of old and new songs with a...

The Velvet Teen: All Is Illusory

by J. Poet on August 03, 2015
The Velvet Teen have already incorporated electronica, jazz, ‘60s pop and EDM into their ever-expanding sound. On Illusory, they add elements of classical music, prog rock, thrash and industrial...

Civil Twilight: Story of an Immigrant

by J. Poet on July 31, 2015
Three of Civil Twilight’s four members—lead vocalist, bass and piano player Steven McKeller, guitarist Andrew McKeller and drummer Richard Wouters—are from the Republic of South Africa. (The...

Round Eye: Round Eye

by J. Poet on July 30, 2015
After Craig Englund (Libyan Hit Squad) moved to Shanghai, China, he tracked down other American ex-pats and started Round Eye, combining early R&B, surf, free jazz and ‘80s hardcore. China is...

Sam Outlaw: Angeleno

by Michael Verity on July 29, 2015
For folks who like country music animated with the romance of Marty Robbins, the gloss of Glen Campbell and the slickness of ‘70s Nashville, it doesn’t get any better than this new set of a...

Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Unsung Heroes of Country Blues

by Jeff Tamarkin on July 28, 2015
Don’t feel bad if you’re a blues fanatic but you’ve never heard of most of the artists collected on this 24-song roundup of acoustic recordings from the late 1920s and early ‘30s. The...

Amy Black: The Muscle Shoals Sessions

by Lee Zimmerman on July 27, 2015
Amy Black rediscovered the joy of singing relatively late in life—at the age of 35—but she reverts to some storied influences when it comes to her new LP. Born from an earlier EP recorded at...

The Cairo Gang: Goes Missing

by Rob O’Connor on July 24, 2015
Though Emmett Kelly releases music on a variety of eclectic indie labels as The Cairo Gang, with the latest album Goes Missing appearing on the Drag City subsidiary God?, his project features far...

Ducktails: St. Catherine

by Emily Zemler on July 23, 2015
Matt Mondanile, the musician behind Los Angeles project Ducktails, opens his new album with a lush, instrumental track. It’s an effective introduction to the album, Ducktails’ fifth...

Ben Lee: Love Is the Great Rebellion

by Lee Zimmerman on July 22, 2015
Despite unruly beginnings, courtesy of an early outfit knowingly dubbed Noise Addict, Aussie Ben Lee’s solo career has mostly been marked by a flair for melody and uncommon accessibility. So it...

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