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Which of these recent Relix On The Verge bands most intrigues you?

February 14, 2014



By kristi fru'tbon - 02/22/14

Fruition=♥, nuf said!

By Alisha - 02/22/14

FRUITION be everywhere! Keep spreading the good word and take witness to some fine music! America right here!

By B.S. - 02/28/14

Fruition all the way!!!

By Eva - 03/02/14


By Thomas Cowman - 03/02/14

Love em

By sharol - 03/03/14

Fruition is the shizzy!

By zach - 03/03/14

Tauk is the next big thing. The     guys are awesome.

By andrew - 03/03/14

Love me some fruitstrars. Bring back ‘merica.

By Al Grafton - 03/03/14

Moo loves ya Baby.

By Frank Berry - 03/03/14

fruition !!!!

By bbq - 03/03/14


By Kate - 03/03/14

I lick fruits!

By William Destroya - 03/04/14

Fruition all the way <3

By Kellee Cox - 03/04/14

The smart money is on Fruition. Original songwriting, great arrangements, serious musicianship, and having good vocal skills is actually important to this band!

By Lord Scoldering - 03/04/14

I rode my bike naked to a Fruition concert and all i got was this t-shirt!!

By Udder Patrick - 03/04/14

Great Music….

By Mama t-bon - 03/04/14

Whoooo whoooooo!!!!!

By Mama t-bon - 03/05/14

Tauk band absolutely JAMS, especially LIVE.
If you ever have the opportunity to see them
play, not only will you not be disappointed but
you will be STUPEFIED. This group is tight.

By Ben in Baltimore - 03/06/14

Tauk. Hands down.
These guys have evolved from the first show I saw them at a house party, to the transistion to NYC bars, to Brooklyn Bowl, to festivals.
They get better every time and never disappoint.

By Greg "Halloween" NYC - 03/06/14

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