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October_November Relix Magazine Sampler: Hamish Anderson - Hold On Me
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Grateful Dead Return with 30 Days of Dead 2016

October 27, 2016 will once again rollout the 30 Days of Dead series of free downloads, revealing a new live Grateful Dead recording each day of the month and inviting fans to guess when and where the song comes from.

Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart shared the news on his Facebook page earlier today, and as JamBase reports, has already shared a few tunes, including a “Sunrise” from 11/2/77 and “Crazy Fingers” from 7/13/76, with today’s offering “Comes A Time.” The song choices are being made by Dead archivist and Dave’s Picks curator David Lemieux, and this year’s winning fans will be entered to win Grateful Dead 50th anniversary playing cards.

30 Days of Dead started in 2010 and has returned every year since. Listen to the 2015 iteration below, and check every day for more music.

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