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July_August 2015 Relix Magazine Sampler: Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia
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Mike Gordon Talks Magnaball, “Fluffhead” and More on Twitter

by Rob Slater on August 28, 2015

Mike Gordon is the only member of Phish who is personally active on Twitter (at least the only one whose page isn't strictly a continuous Bernie Sanders stump speech) and occasionally, particularly during time off the road, will offer up some nuggets of wisdom as it relates to Phish tour and otherwise. Following the completion of Magnaball, Gordon put together some of his favorite moments of the summer (SPOILER: He really enjoyed Magnaball) and gave some insight to the Drive-In set, saying that he teased a Marco Benevento song during the 50+ minute jam. 

One of the questions posed to him earlier today was the noticeable absence of "Fluffhead." Gordon, obviously joking, said the tune has been "desonged" and that Tiffany plans to release a version on her comeback tour. In case you were wondering where "Fluffhead" vanished to this year, now you know. Sort of. 

In other Cactus news, the bassist penned this entry in The Ball Street Journal during Magnaball, where he discusses, among other things, the invention of the magnet. Read some of his tweets below. 

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