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Joel Cummins Tweets Lengthy Explanation on Relocation of Umphrey’s McGee’s Fort Show

by Rob Slater on March 29, 2015

Earlier this week, news broke that Umphrey's McGee would be forced to move their highly anticipated Fort shows with Lettuce to St. Augustine due to production and logistics that were deemed detrimental to the historic landmark that is Fort Clinch. Yesterday, Joel Cummins took to Twitter to further explain the situation, citing backlash from locals including letters written to officials about how the "devil" was taking over their historic park.

Cummins also revealed that Plan B had to come together fairly quickly, as the band was told just two days ago that the event flat out wouldn't be happening at Fort Clinch. He also said the original plan was to raise money for the park. Alas, none of that will be happening as the event now moves to St. Augustine Amphitheater. Read Cummins' full explanation below.


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