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Listen: Howard Stern Visits Phish Lot

by Rob Slater on October 20, 2014

Much like every other time a national media outlet takes aim at Phish and their fans, it usually ends in cheesy Cheech & Chong references and other stereotypes that don't need to be listed. Well, today on The Howard Stern Show was just that.

Stern's (who by the way, judges America's Got Talent) correspondant Wolfie visited Phish lot at one of the band's performance at The Mann Center and the results you might expect. It gets so bizarre (following the guy who said he'd go live in Chile and sleep in a mud hut) that even Howard Stern is in disbelief. Surprised it didn't happen following the guy who said he felt like Pac-Man was in his brain.

The real shame in all of this is that Howard admits to having never seen Phish, which is tragic in itself. Let's work on that, Stern. Listen to the whole segment below.


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