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Prince to Release Two New Albums Next Month

by Sam D'Arcangelo on August 25, 2014

Prince has announced that he will be releasing two new albums next month. The Purple One has confirmed that both a completely solo album, titled Art Official Age, and another release that features his backing band 3RDEYEGIRL, titled PLECTRUMELECTRUM, are due out on September 30 via Warner Bros. Prince has also released "Clouds," a single from his forthcoming solo album that you can now hear below.


Price got made at his label long time ago because they limited his released. When he was able to release anything and everything I stopped buying. Too much crap was put out? Two albums? I’ll skip both.

By Doug - 08/25/14

He hasn’t put out an album in four years… the longest time between releases for him, before or after his Warner contract.

By Rico - 08/25/14

Have fun skipping some of Prince’s most fun and fascinating sounds, Doug. The rest of us have excellent albums like Musicology and 3121. I couldn’t be more excited for these two albums; especially after listening to “Breakfast Can Wait” and “FixUrLifeUp”.

By Jim - 08/25/14

EITHER you wid it or WIDOUT IT! If U aint WID it - COOL! Im gonna JAM and SLAM in the CLOUDS!

By TRIPLE T - 08/25/14

He’s 56 now.  Do you really think these albums will sell in a population so obsessed with youth?  Well, Pharrell was 41 when “Happy” went #1…the singer of “Let it Snow” is over 40, as well.

By Angus Koolbreeze III - 08/25/14

Need a US Tour, please!

By GP - 08/25/14

Prince was MADE at his label yes indeed. Come back to comment when you enter High School Doug.

By Jo Mama - 08/25/14

So excited for this!

By Melissa - 08/25/14

Despite Doug’s questionable grammar, he’s absolutely right. Prince is brilliant, but he needs an editor.

By Jim - 08/25/14

Doug, besides being challenged with grammar and spelling you are also incorrect in the reason he left WB.  They would have LOVED him to release lots of albums.  It was the creative control they wanted that he refused.

By Cara - 08/25/14

Great track

By John - 08/25/14

Ummm. The article says he is releasing via WB.

By Rich K - 08/25/14

I like this and I say that Prince has done it again. I think this will be a great hit.but then again we are talking about Prince.

By Robbie Huntley - 08/26/14


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